Raising Children Starts at day One so does our Parenting Course!

Family Parenting Classes for Parents | Parent Coaching Course

  • Did you know that 90% of your child's potential and future is decided by how we are raising children and educate them?
  • Learning difficulties are not genetic!
Do a parenting course or parenting class to help your child to attain his full potential.

Start a Parents Group:

  • Do you want to start your own parents group?
  • Do you want to help people?
  • Doparent coaching with a positive influence
  • Want to enrich your own life and parents' lives?
Become a Parents Coach.

Gifted and talented children:

  • You got a gifted child! - Great, find out about our parenting style.
  • For every gifted child there are 10 out there! Could your child be one of them?
  • Parenting gifted children is never easy.
Parents contact me!
John's dad brags:"He could ride his bike before he was even 1 year old."  
Harold's dad replies: "Mine could fix it by then."


Perhaps these dads' ambitions are over the top but when we look at some of the gifted children's abilities then they don't seem all that much exaggerated.The potential of our children is far higher than what was previously expected. For every gifted child there are at least 10 others who will never realise their full potential. They may do well in school but will be underperforming significantly. (Some teenager difficulties stem from this problem; not being challenged they get into "games" like giving teachers and parents a difficult time!)

Parent Coaching | Parenting Course

The abilities to observe and learn are at the highest in any individual's life within the first 5 years! Here we make the biggest difference! Hence parents, nurseries, childminders and so on have the greatest impact on the child's life. A parent or professional who is fully aware of what is needed to nuture the full potential of a child can and does make all the difference. How to help your child to realise his potential is not natively known to us. Parenting classes are ideal to show parents, parent coaches and teacher how they can increase their ability to help..

Family Parenting

In addition we are faced with an ever increasing time constraint, taking more and more time away from the raising of our children. So, the time spent with our children is precious and we need to know what to look for, what to do, so we can have the fun and enjoy being with our children while assisting them in realising their full potential.

Raising children courses available:

Family Parenting Course or Parenting Class or Gifted Child Parenting Course
Parent Coaching Course
Childcare Training for Professionals and Social Workers

Qualified Parent Coach | Start your own group

Raise A Child's family parenting courses for parents are using the "How to Live and Work with Children" course based on the works of L.Ron Hubbard.

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